About Me

I'm Marika and I'm the creator of this blog's illustrations.

More than a blog, I like to consider this place a sort of portfolio, where I can show you all my works and the development of my style (that is, by the way, still in progress).

I'm Italian and that's where I live and work. I graduate in Design at art school... five long long years of technical drawing... but I survive! And then I choose to attend a graphic design course, where I learn how to use the most famous graphic programs.

This, and my long term love story with drawing, brought me to a new world: digital art.

I have never been very good with brushes and pencils but I managed to develop a bit of skills (not so much, ok, but better then nothing).
The graphic course help me in this! Every digital illustration that you see on this blog is made firstly on paper (only the outlines) and then I color it with Adobe Photoshop.

At this time I'm working on outfits series, trying to create a new style based on my previous exprences and practise.
I also made some simple animated illustrations, in gif or video mode.

If you have any questions about me or my works you can write a comment under the project or write me directly at p.m460@yahoo.it

Thank you for your time!

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  1. Your artwork is so cute! I love your style, it's very unique and pretty. The characters you create are gorgeous. Nice work!! Thanks for sharing.